Friday, 12 June 2015

Sponsor Search

Since setting up our Social media sites we have received an extraordinary amount of support. People from all over the world have liked our page and spread the word. This is just what we need! A special thanks goes out to those who have donated via our website. Our next big challenge is to find sponsors to partner with. This is where our main source of funding will come from. I can't wait to see the boat with all our sponsors logos on the side! However in order to do this it takes an relentless amount of searching. We are currently looking for companies to invest in our team in all ways. Why would a company give us money? Well, we can offer a platform for brand recognition. The boat, our uniforms, and website can all act as advertisement for companies. Not just money, there is a healthy list of equipment that is needed to row an ocean. From food, first aid and clothes, to navigation, radios and anchors; a lot of this equipment can be sourced in the form of in-kind sponsorship. In return, we again offer advertisement for the company. This event attracts a lot of media attention and a company can benefit if we are seem using their products.

If you know a company that may be interested in partnering with us, Please get in contact and we can go from there.

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